Thursday, July 28, 2011

more of what i did there

i flew into seattle, where catherine picked me up, 
without baggage, which got lost.they delivered it the next day, 
while we were sourcing supplies from elspeth pope at hypatia.
mesmerizing moss, giant maples and cedars
that night i gave a talk for the BAG at the university of washington, 
odegaard undergraduate library in seattle about my work. 
this audience was full of professional artists and teachers, 
including textiles and book people. 
they asked me some hard questions. 
i felt welcomed by their attention and enthusiasm. 
this guild has been around for a long time, 30 years or so. 
the library purchased three of my books, for their teaching collection-
my books will be used by students! i LOVE this!
then i went to visit ian in portland. 
rode a big boat, visited powells, and drove back to shelton.
on the weekend i taught an experiential/experimental dye class at catherine's house. 
her husband bill joined us.
his interest and commitment to layering dyes on fabric lasted throughout my stay.

we dip dyed in indigo, made some bundles like india teaches, 
sighed as our lichen dyes didn't work well.
we layered indigo with onion skins, finding a few greens.
the next talk was for the PSBA, a new group, in tacoma. 
they were enthusiastic and asked lots of questions.
and my final bit of work was a two day papermaking from plants workshop 
with PSBA folks.
drying on boards
the psba papermakers

we met each morning to talk over the day's plan, then got to work
lucia made excellent muffins each day!
this strange glove is full of kisses
thanks to rochelle
lignon berries? cloud berries? i forget--
and then there are these
fascinating. and i heard one of them (i found five one day) eating.
which catherine printed...
all about sex in the garden.
a hidey hole
and when you're ready for bed...


aimee said...

so rich! SO FULL. such big boards! i love that, and the NY shirt. i was just pulling up the snail book info again; i love that you heard one eating! and that you share so well.

Jennifer said...


Velma said...

aimee--i didn't even SEE the t shirt!
jennifer-THANK you!

ronnie said...

thanks for all the lovely pics and tales..... I'm imagining all the other things that happened in between the lines

iNd!@nA said...

did you test the lichens to see if they were BM [boiling water method] or orchil bearing? the latter need to be processed with ammonia [ie fermented urine] to convert the magic they contain to 'orcein' or purple dye
simple cooking won't work for them. just a thought.

Valerianna said...

Nice journey... and QUITE the sex flower!

Velma said...

r, i was not even taking pictures most of the time!
and india, i didn't test the lichens, but tried hot baths after soaking. i had tried a sample overnight ammonia soak... it's been far too long since i worked with lichens!
v, catherine and bill's garden is full of...pollination!

iNd!@nA said...

the ammonia/stale urine method takes about 4 weeks, i believe. Karen Diadick Casselman [the Source when it comes to lichen dyeing] suggests testing in the field - scrape back the surface of the thallus with your handy penknife and then apply a drop of chlorine bleach [not usually something i carry in my pocket but i'm pretty sure there's always a little bottle in hers!]. if the bleach turns red, or even flashes red, then you're on a winner.

iNd!@nA said...

that said, of course, always identify by name, do your research, make sure it's not protected/endangered and preferably only gather windfalls
[sorry to preach, but it's how i came off the assembly line!] xo

Penny Berens said...

Quite a trip! So interesting your photos ranging from the natural to the brash manmade advertising....well I suppose the lilly is brash and bold too!

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