Friday, July 1, 2011

thursday & friday

 aimee and i harvested one of the slippery elms in my perennial border

bark, we scraped the outer bark after dark, until i went to bed!
 i finally have a shifu sample book
 and it's now labeled, too

a tiny book present, with slipcase.


Barry said...

V-labour of love both in regard to the elm and the sample book. The sample book almost makes me want to do shifu - maybe in another life. Go well. B

Catherine Alice said...

ya, I want to do shifu now too!!!!! (almost, or maybe when I have more time, ha ha ha ha ha!)

Kit said...

The sample book is so beautiful - and I'm glad your class went well!

Sophie Munns said...

Your garden looks so delightful Velma!
I imagine that to wander around with you would be to learn so much.. what things you've made with what and much more!
The workshops looked like a wonderful success and interesting all these things I'm not familiar with!
ps and thanks so much for your lovely recent comments !!

Velma said...

b, spinning for shifu would take you along another path entirely!
c, i'll bring some shifu "stuff"
k, the class was so great. and i'm finally using the book which i made years ago, fits perfectly
s, my garden is pretty darn simple and easy, and now most of what grows is useful to my work. i like your "seed stuff"!

Kristin said...

I love sample books. They are so revealing. Like blogging.

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