Thursday, June 30, 2011

 a visitor (aimee)
 and i cleaned off the white table. 
the story is that everyone said, "the white table?" yes, "the white table!"
 delicious space
 no dust (now)
and i found a tumbler that ian made in high school. 
i love this.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing people's work spaces and the tools they use. very revealing, the "white table" looks well organized and ready for work.

Velma said...

i still have lots of cleaning to do, organizing, etc. couldn't find a thimble earlier. sigh.

Anonymous said...

oh, I know the feeling. it's really bad when you spend more time looking for something than the time spent using it - when you find it!

Hannah said...

i have been waiting to see the white table for YEARS! bravo mum.

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