Tuesday, June 7, 2011

class at the Morgan Conservatory

should you have any inkling of joining us at the morgan, 
there are links below to the morgan and to the facebook pictures, etc. 
i would love to have you join me!
cleveland, are you ready for paper spinners? 
 i'm teaching what i'm calling 
north country shifu 
at the morgan conservatory on june 25 and 26.
lokta and cotton 

a page from "changed"

North Country Shifu is an experimental workshop in which you will explore
the gentle art of cutting, spinning, and weaving and dyeing kozo. We will
experiment using drop spindles, and bobbin winders (acting as spinning
wheels) to spin cut kozo, and then weave on different simple looms. You
will experiment with a natural dyes including black walnut. The Morgan
Conservatory has been growing Kozo for the ...past five years in their
garden and you will have the chance to work with some Kozo paper that was
grown, harvested, beaten and pulled into sheets right here in Cleveland.
At the end of the workshop you will leave with a sampling of spun, woven,
and dyed kozo. This is a class for sampling, for beginners, or for more
experienced weavers come with a warped loom and weave with your spun kozo.
You can register online at

216-361-9255. You can also see the event on facebook at

if you have any questions, contact the morgan, or me.


ronnie said...

ahhhh but for the ocean between here and there.... this sounds AMAZING V!

nightcloud said...

ahhh, how much I'd love to join... kozo in our garden, hand papermaking, bookbinding, art making with fibers fibers fibers... our world! warm wishes for a happy workshop, Catharina and Natan aka nightcloud/Central Italy

neki desu said...

booohooohooo! much as i'd love to i can't attend.

Velma said...

r, c&n, n, do you mean to tell me that cleveland is too far from australia, spain and italy? three wonderful places i would love to travel to (well, it does look like australia is on the schedule for 2012). i would love to meet you all!

Penny Berens said...

Oh, how I wish I could.

mjc said...

You are going to have a blast at the Morgan, and so is everyone who takes your class!

Alice said...

I will be with you in spirit. I know it will be fabulous. My dream class.

Anonymous said...

oh gee whiz, there is only an entire continent in my way. my dream class, too!

Velma said...

penny, melissa, alice, and jean, i wish you all could come. and jean, you could teach us real shifu, your work is amazing!!!

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi V - sometimes the world seems close but far away. It sounds like a lovely, gentle, meditative workshop which would be wonderful to join; but like the others just a bit too far at the moment!

T said...

this all looks so interesting velma


Velma said...

fiona and teresa, i wish you could both come...but next year, i'll be in australia!

ronnie said...

you simply MUST tell all of us in oz where and when you'll be visiting!

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