Monday, June 20, 2011

early monday

 potential paper
 i have this stuff and it spreads like crazy-have no idea what it is-the bees like it's flowers
 this little place has all kinds of potential, lots of violas for happiness and dyeing
 a little black ash basket i made
prepping for the morgan


Fiona Dempster said...

Oh I Love that basket of thread/yarn - so inviting! I also love that the beautiful spring green garden is viewed as potential paper and dyes! It must be so nice to see the green and the flowering after all that snow. I also loved the baskets in the previous post - I think one could become a basket-collector.

Diana Angus said...

Since I cannot attend your workshop at the Morgan (short on Monet here), but would love to be able to see and do some of your paper making and weaving, I hope, hope, hope that it is well received and you may come back in a year or two for a repeat performance.

Safe travels.

Valerianna said...

Is that cow parsley?

I learned how to make ash baskets from a native woman in Presque Isle Maine while in college. She showed us the process from ash tree to basket. I thought it really cool how the ash wood breaks in neat strips when hit with a hammer. I love the basket of colors and textures....

mjc said...

Ooh, the gardens...and a lovely basket and spinnings. Have a BLAST at the Morgan. Wish I could be there!

Joanna said...

Could it be tigella (foam flower)? Here in Colorado the bees go for anything with a blue flower. Minty honey, anyone? I like that basket a lot too!

Anonymous said...

that basket and it's contents are the bees love you. have a great time at the Morgan.

Barry said...

V-love that you look at plants an see paper and dyes - interesting the lenses we have when looking at the world. Such a good feeling when you take simple renewable bits from nature turn them into a utilitarian but beautiful basket knowing that it can/will return to the earth. Go well and see and make beautiful papers. B

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