Monday, June 13, 2011

dry pages

 you can see the pages
 this photo has truer colors
 the sunlight made them dance
more then they actually were
nonetheless i am pleased
there are sixteen pages
waiting for story
detritus from cbbag fair
i would have put one K down
for george walker's new book about tom thomson
if i had it kicking around
or at very least i want to sit down with it sometime 
it was amazing.
i met some wonderful book people, 
and visited with papeterie st armond folks.
and took my sister claudia to a celebratory lunch
a duck walked by our table
only in ottawa: fine art,
fine food


ronnie said...

lovely pages! I love the tri-coloured ones (fantastic!)

onesmallstitch said...

quack, quack, eh! great colours

iNd!@nA said...

me too

neki desu said...

ohh the colors!

Barry said...

V- stunning colours - the pages will make an excellent intriguing unique artist book. B

Penny Berens said...

They are a story in themselves.

Alice said...

Perfection. A marriage of color and texture. And the collection is greater than its parts.

Lynn said...

Your pages are stunning.
Isn't George Walker's work amazing.
Thinking maybe I should renew my membership to CBBAG even if I can't get out to any events or courses any wish that I could.

cindy said...

they look like a story already!

Bonnie K said...

lovely pages!

T said...

What a fantastic lot of pages here, the colours and tones are beautiful


jude said...

i like them arranged like this

liniecat said...

fabulous pages...I could live with them just as they are stitched onto canvas lol!

Maggie Neale said...

I wonder if you would be interested in submitting anything to Studio Place Arts' next show "Uncommon Threads", deadline June 30. You have some wonderful thread work.

Velma said...

everyone, thankyou for your ideas, responses, words. i read and think about them all. good to have this sort of critique, if you will.

Maggie Neale said...

Velma, thanks for your messages...I totally understand. Sometimes less is enough and health takes time. Wishing health to you!

Velma said...

thanks, maggie, i do appreciate your thinking of me.

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