Sunday, June 26, 2011

north country shifu

this little fellow fascinates me.

cleveland is cool.
the morgan conservatory is cool.
the morgan conservatory is totally awesome.

susan swinging at a happening opening
susan and i both liked this elegant, simple idea.
a thread, a strip of paper.
it's hard to write about a class, especially when i'm only half through. 
the women are terrific. 
each brings a skill set and sensibility that totally enriches the whole. 
i've thrown alot at them, 
asked them to do new things with their hands, 
offered them many options. 
we'll see where they go with their spun and decorated papers today. 
we have two dyepots to use today, more lokta, morgan kozo,  
and some of my ancient abaca. 
hurry up ten o'clock!


aimee said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! my heart is bursting i am so happy to hear of how well it is going. not surprised, but so satisfied that it's ON. that pic of susan is priceless! love that you are loving the morgan, tho what's not to love?

Anonymous said...

oh WOW, wish i was there. what is that little fellow??

Fiona Dempster said...

Looks like loads of fun and I am intrigued by the appearance of those animals...toads and dogs? Looking forward to seeing what the class produces as well - continue to enjoy!

Velma said...

the frog/toad lives in tom's studio, where i am living for a couple of days. and it's been wonderful, i've learned so much. more when i return.

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