Friday, June 10, 2011

friday aimee thoughts

it's friday. 
one more week of hooligans. then some wrap up at work, then my summer begins. 
today is cool and sunny and lovely lovely lovely
twined gourds 
made from aimee's first korean hanji 
and inked hanji 
 last night aimee came for a rather thrown together me, talk, supper, and tea. 
she brought me a little present, two actually.
we talked and talked and poor wendy whined as stormy weather made her nervous.
i slept well, very well.
wednesday i rode a horse, modeling for a student,
who rode longer...and smiled. from her heart.
horses, hanji, talk, friendship.
 something's brewing
viola flowers,
a few other flowers, bloodroot, aluminum, steel and vinegar are all a part of it. 
i think.


aimee said...

so happy they are in your hands! better than in mine. i wish yesterday went on for longer than just yesterday! thanks so much for hosting.

Gardener in the Distance said...

These gems of gourds, perhaps they hold a hope inside them? More such days over summer to you both.

Velma said...

aimee, i love them. and you
f, i think you're right! what do you think, aimee? and such a kind wish, i think we have to make some time in the paper mill together.

aimee said...

i think so! and i look forward to more summer days with you.

Fiona Dempster said...

Treasure gourds and magic violas - a special time and place!

Barry said...

V- your time with A sounds so like bubbles and talking with K & N on Friday - good to have fellow artists who lift our spirits. B

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