Monday, June 6, 2011

new tools

she always wraps things in this thread
 i knew they were coming
two new tools 
little fat leather weights
just the right size for my small bookwork 
so i scattered some of my stuff with them
just for fun 
they smell delicious
thank you shanna. 


aimee said...

YUM! soooo lovely and perfect for you! i love all the tools you choose for your working family.

ronnie said...

delicious! and faintly beetlesque.... me want

kaiteM said...

such delightful leather weights, objects d'art and objects d'art making.

Fiona Dempster said...

They are gorgeous - and popped together with other bibs and bobs - perfect! I agree with Ronnie beetleishness as well.

jude said...

like moons

Anonymous said...

tools are so satisfying, perfect little treasures

neki desu said...

oh good! cheese from elfsland

Barry said...

V-cute weights. Look like toadstools? B

Velma said...

ok, so they're mushrooms, beetles, moons, cheese, toadstools, they smell wonderful, work well, and in photobooth, they became, er, pasties, just for fun. (sorry shanna)

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