Wednesday, June 1, 2011


tomorrow we spend a day and overnight 
readying camp for summer school camping.
the weather has moderated. 
windy, cool 
this means the black/deer flies and mosquitoes 
will be somewhat suppressed. 
this student just finished his chair.
a variation on a theme.


aimee said...

same weather! though i still miss you so much. the chair is amazing!!

Velma said...

he did SUCH a good job!

Valerianna said...

Nice chair!

And about the weather - tornado warnings out your way? We had one nearby, scary! While I was driving around doing errands a HUGE thunderstorm went through and large, gum ball hail bounced off the roof - LOUD & SCARY! But all is calm now and the frogs are going crazy!
Are you out of school yet??

Velma said...

oh, tornados, we have them from time to time, and yes, we had warnings. school for three more weeks!

Lynn said...

Great chair! I admire people who can actually make stuff.

Barry said...

V- the thought of taking a troop off to camp is quite scary - with or without flies and mosquitos. I was talking to a friend of ours who is working in Aceh and he said "my idea of camping is a two staff motel'; I think that gets to be the case as we get a little older. Go well with the preparations - only three weeks of school to go? B

Penny Berens said...

You bring back memories of the summer camps my boys grew up with and then went on to be counsellors at.

Velma said...

if our group was not so difficult, it would be a bit easier. but it's still worth the effort, for us all. i didn't see chairs like this for the campers, only the director!

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