Tuesday, June 21, 2011


old bear paws, almost round, ash and rawhide
yesterday i went to lake placid. my finger will remain in a splint for 6 more weeks. 
damn and blast. it is, however healing. 
and i like my doctor.
 i did what a woman at the birch store called retail therapy. i shopped, only in two stores.
 if any of you know the adirondacks you may recognize this.
 car pics on the perilous drive between some mountains
 cascade, anyone?
i love signage, as the man says
 so i take pictures from behind the wheel, as i navigate the curves "hills"
they don't call them the high peaks for nothing
trying to photograph and watch the road and watch the jumps is impossible
i have seen summer and winter jump practice, terrifying fun.
 lunch in the park on lake flower, and a little education
up from the sign
a glorious day.
happy birthday, IAN!!!!!

go and look at what jean is doing. 
she is really really making beautiful shifu as well as beautiful everything else. 
morgan students: look at this!!!!!


aimee said...

hooray, ian!!! a happy jolly birthday! and so glad you will see him soon. i don't know how you do that shooting while driving, but it's something of a miracle. i hear you on the frustration and slow healing AND retail therapy :) you are surviving more gracefully than you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

that looks like risky driving. I, too found shopping therapy to be very effective. thanks for the applause. I have been invited to Handpapermaking's 25th anniversity event in Victoria with a surprise guest from Japan. Best wishes for a wonderful workshop.
Happy Birthdday to Ian.

iNd!@nA said...

seem to recall staggering about in the snow on something very similar back in the dark ages...

Valerianna said...

Oh yes... I have a few of those ancient snow flotation devices running around my storage shed... I know a guy who still swears by them, but I like my newfangled ones better, crampons are the way to go!

Good healing to you and hope the retail therapy was supportive!!
Solstice Blessings!

Velma said...

re" retail therapy, i bought a nice shirt (on sale!) and a tiny japanese plate. didn't melt the credit card. solstice blessings to all of you.

ronnie said...

laughing at the simulacra... (I was driving through the wilds far from home today.... taking shots from the i-phone along the way.... big hills, many trees, lots of curves, lots of very big trucks... little else for many an hour)

and the solstice slipped by me while I was far from home..... sigh....

anastasia said...

i was in the appalachian mountains this last weekend (sadly, no photos while driving). it feels good to be amongst the mountains and in the trees.
hopefully the finger heals strong and well!

Catherine Alice said...

sorry to hear six more weeks of splint. I hope you will still be able to enjoy your visit out west!

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