Saturday, June 25, 2011

at the morgan

space rabbit 
friday night in cleveland 

it's hard to see the rabbit's blown glass helmet.
guess who made this?
this is what i left in the north country.
i'll be back. 
but i'm having a fine time.
more later!


iNd!@nA said...

i like the green bits best

Velma said...

there's a lot of green here...and lake erie.

mjc said...

'Tis my hometown, the Land of Cleves. Have a blast, and hello to all!

ronnie said...

what ARE the green bits?

Velma said...

milkweed, asclepias, a very useful plant
1. seed fiber was used to substitute for kapok
2. seed fiber can stuff pillows
3. seed fiber can be spun
4. unripe (green) flowers steamed and eaten like asparagus
5. ripe (pink) flowers make lovely jelly
6. ripe (pink) flowers feed monarch butterflies
7. bast (stem) fiber makes cordage, etc
7. TA DA!!! bast fiber field or human retted makes lovely paper

Barry said...

V-glad it is going well for you. B

Velma said...

barry, it's going quite well. (i think)

Hannah said...

i heart that space rabbit...bring it back for me mum?

Velma said...

i would if it would fit and i wouldn't get arrested...

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