Sunday, June 12, 2011

a good day

saturday seemed to be a low energy day for me. 
but it wasn't really.
i ended the day by opening up a bundle of shifu pages i had wrapped last weekend.
the bundle included frozen violas and hollyhocks
aluminum, rusty steel, my well water and vinegar.

this shifu was bundled around a bloodroot rhizome 
nice striping 
not a flying saucer 
a bundle of shifu pages, layered with dyestuff
wrapped in old cotton sheeting
and tied 
the bottom 
the wrapper 
the stack 
not for the faint hearted if slimy stuff is a problem 
spent flowers 
the pages, in order of stacking 
they will dry and wait several days
then i will rinse.
saturday morning i planted my indigo babies,
then my sister and i went to ottawa for CBBAG fair
(more later) 
and we ate at canal ritz
this is how the day ended.


onesmallstitch said...

fabulous pages, can't wait to see them rinsed - and to hear more about CBBAG

iNd!@nA said...

wondering why you're planning to rinse...people don't wash watercolour images or writing after it's done :)

it's the beauty of making something that isn't intended to be worn [or washed] - providing you haven't used any toxic nasties i can't see the need for rinsing [unless of course the lovely weaving is obscured by some kind of sludge - which doesn't appear to be the case]

Velma said...

well...that's true, india, and maybe, i will just let them be. the colors dry are gorgeous!

ronnie said...

oooo sooo pretty..... seeing all these bundles of yours and india's is certainly inspiring me to take a tentative step in that direction...... I just need to find the confidence to try something so unfamiliar...

Velma said...

it's so different playing with india's dyeing techniques on paper. adventures all around.

Maggie Neale said...

Your work and photos of it are inspirational. Makes me want to experiment. I'm changing studios to one which has water...I'm seeing more fiber experimentation coming. Good luck with class in Cleveland...exciting.

Barry said...

V- amazing - all looks pretty disgusting but that is what it takes for the transfer of colour and texture - such patience - I will stick with metal and timber I think. Go well, rinse well and enjoy the gift of nature. B

Velma said...

m, good! water access is helpful. congratulations!
b, i hesitated to show the close-ups because of the slimy quality, but it does show off the color variety.

Valerianna said...

Looks like a full day to me! From slimy stuff to a meal at the canal ritz to a rainbow, yes, quite full!

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