Saturday, June 18, 2011

saturday after the week before

and WHAT a week it's been! 
today, however, after a fine sleep, i woke to many tasks and the heart to do them. i thought about my several baskets, tools for lugging stuff around. 
 this large, soft but strong african basket is my day to day laundry basket. 
i lug this up and down my scary basement stairs and outside to the lines. 
four loads today!
 this is a big round brown ash basket i bought at the native american festival in bar harbor.
i cannot remember the maker's name.
 this black ash basket was made by cindy tripp, a local basketmaker. 
it's a work horse.
 someone insisted on helping me take pictures.
she worries and whines more at the weather changes as she ages.


Chudney Thomas said...

Love the baskets. Your Dog is gorgeous. I have one that does the same thing. Our bathroom is her safe haven during bad weather.

liniecat said...

My boy is very much like your girlie there. Hes 15 now and slowed down dreadfully of late. He has Cushings and the tablets have done him little good. Hes constantly panting bless him and getting thinner. They are out at backfires, thunder, fireworks etc. but as his hearing has lessened, hes alot better!
You can never have too many baskets I reckon!

Velma said...

wendy the border collie would like to kiss you both for noticing her on the blog. i, apparently, am not enough work for one border collie.

ronnie said...

love those baskets! (and I really should show wendy a photo of my sarah - my 3yr old border collie - typical of the breed, she's waaaay too smart to be JUST a dog... she's WONDER-WOOFER - saviour of the the creek... except during thunder storms....)

woof woof wendy!

Gardener in the Distance said...

You can always find a use for a basket...I'm wondering if your beautiful dog has hers, or has she found her way to bed and chair the way mine has...

Hannah said...

my wendy! she is aging, but doing it so very well.

Velma said...

wendy prefers wood floors to rugs, pillow, etc, though she has one chair that i taught her was ok for dogs. she's no cuddler, but likes to lie near me, within watching distance or under the table where i work. she is always ready to follow any command.

Marilla said...

Love the baskets, and love Wendy too! You have to love a dog who watches over you and is so eager to help when needed. I recently cleaned out my wool room and discovered a plethora of baskets hiding in the closet which are now being put to good use carrying wool and yarn to the farmer's market. My kitties have claimed one as their own as well.

Anonymous said...

baskets and a true friend - wonderful things to have in this complicated world. the last picture of Wendy is so-o beautiful I'm sending her a pat on the head - you, too. or a scratch behind the ears? for jobs well done.

Velma said...

marilla, wendy really really is great.
and jean, i might take you up on that scratch! it's tick season, so i check between my ears after i've been out! i'll tell wendy she has had more compliments.

Maggie Neale said...

Love seeing your baskets; I've got some favorite baskets too. Baskets give pleasure to carrying things about. Good luck with your healing.

Velma said...

for years i made all kinds of baskets, mostly non-functional, but i find the utilitarian ones to be some of my favorites.

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