Saturday, April 7, 2012

boston stuff

i'm sitting in hannah's living room
in brookline
surrounded by librarians in waiting.
 working on homework. 
 we visited here
but couldn't see the studios
(drop ins not welcome)
 waited for this
but didn't find one
 instead found this
 anime person
looking for the holiday inn
lunch at trident
as were the cannoli 
from mikes.


Anonymous said...

awesome. some of my favorite people are librarians.

Valerianna said...

Trident Books on Newbury St for lunch? I haven't been there since my last trip to my gallery... which hasn't been for a few years! I'm represented by a gallery at the other end of Newbury St., if, in fact, you were at Trident for lunch. I grew up in a suburb of Boston, so its an old stomping ground. Looks like you had fun!

Barry said...

V-catching up can be such a beautiful thing - peace to you and yours. B

jude said...

librarians in waiting, love that

kaiteM said...

sorry but the "last brain leaves at..." caught my eye.

Penny Berens said...

Perhaps Ethernet librarians or bloggers in waiting.

onesmallstitch said...

looks like you're having fun, yum!
why did I choose to be a psychiatric nurse and not a librarian??

Velma said...

serena, librarians (and archivists) rock!!!
valerie, yes, THAT trident books. i loved it and had a good lunch, too.
barry, it was lovely. next stop, oz!
jude, hannah likes archivist better, but i say, keep your options open
kaite! hannah saw it and laughed
penny. it was a great atmosphere, writing, reading, book making and blogging all at once!
jean, i, too, regret that i didn't go that way--and i had two women tugging me that way. my best friend did it, though.

Nancy said...

I've been wishing that I was a librarian! But, I think I missed the last 'brain' out!!!

Long Ridge Farm said...

it's hard not find joy in Boston...what a great getaway for you.

Velma said...

nancy, i suppose there are worse jobs...
nancy, it was great fun, even though we stayed home a bunch!

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