Sunday, April 15, 2012

the great blue herons of cornell

find the cornell herons here
make sure you get the highest definition video,
and the sound.


leFiligree said...

whoa they are up to 5 eggs now. i watched the segment where the owl attacks the nest...or tries to

Velma said...

lF, i think they're all done now, but you never know. the owl attacks are scary! there was one recorded on the decorah eagle web cam, too.

Ms. said...

Oh....thank you for posting the link! The owl attack is truly rough....predators will be predators, still, it's tough to watch...tougher to experience...I didn't catch the Decorah attack...yike...the chicks there seem unprotected when mom hunts...I only check in once a week, so I miss a lot. But, I've come to care about their survival. I know when I'm in Massachusetts and up at dawn...I listen to the morning routines of all the variety of birds calling out their territories. It may be a dog eat dog human world, but within the vast truth of the natural world, it's simply the way. i keep thinking about Mary Oliver...her poems...the way everything is the sacred truth of what is.

Penny Berens said...

So exciting and amazing to watch. The woods are beginning to come alive with springtime activity here.

mansuetude said...

such beauty, the shawl of loose feathers in wind.


Velma said...

ms, yes, it''s so fascinating...i watched all day in school today.
penny, isn't it something!!!!!
m, yes! you saw that shawl (just today i was explaining to a student what a shawl is) never thought to use the heron as ex.

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