Thursday, April 26, 2012

a little precarious,

but fine

 i will live in a house
someday soon
that looks
 out over this water
a stream
work often
leaves me feeling
like this tree
or like this 
dammed and fruitlessly
looking for release
but today a writer friend visited
and read her novel to us
they, we, LISTENED
with, what my teachers called 
our thinking caps on
(found on the way to school 
at st. lawrence university this morning)
 cooler weather with rain.
and birds are calling away
in joy
each morning.


aimee said...

thinking caps! love it. and i love that you will be living on the edge of the edge. and it will be such the right home for you!

Velma said...

the edge is your place, too aimee. we should start our own edgies org., with anyone who is a *willing artist* in it!!!

Valerianna said...

Wonder how long that tree will last!!

Love the thinking cap... Clarissa Pinkola Estes invites her audience to "listen with our soul hearing", I like that.

Velma said...

valerie, so funny. i had to stop and laugh and take pics. thanks for the thought from estes.

Long Ridge Farm said...

man, I love a good thinker.
and aren't the sounds of morning a beautiful gift. we've only just begun!

leFiligree said...

i have to admit when a beaver came and dammed our creek, and flooded our dell, and started hacking down the privacy trees i was more than a little annoyed with nature.

but then it went and tried to cross the busy street and was flattened. we broke the dam up, but many trees died due to the flooding.

dam nature!

Leena said...

Bird concert early in the morning or late at night is one of the best things in spring:)

Gardener in the Distance said...

Never stop growing Velma.

ronnie said...

I've been fascinated with beavers since I read a 'little golden book' (please don't ask me the title! I can still 'see' the piccies in my minds eye.... but the rest of the memory is a bit fuzzy) - that precarious looking tree is something else! (ps love the thinking cap)

Velma said...

nancy, i suppose it's a civilized inukshuk?! the songs start EARLY
lF, beaver and people have to carefully manage their coexistence, not easy.
leena, YES
faisal, thank you for the nudge!
ronnie, i imagine a little aussie girl and her golden book...i had some, too, and i loved them!

Alice said...

Yes, poor tree. But nobody ever talks about beavers' rights. Most days I could really use a thinking cap.

Susan said...

I'd love to have my home at the edge of water. Lucky you!

I like your flat papery toad from a few posts back --poor thing!

(I'm having a hard time proving I'm not a robot this morning. Do you sense the words are getting harder?

mansuetude said...

that beaver is sculpting an homage to the Pencil. :)

love your last photo.

Velma said...

alice, in my mind the beavers have all kinds of rights--on my land they have totally altered the landscape (with my cooperation and blessing). however, we'd like the stream to stay a stream, not a puddle/pond, for all kinds of reasons.
susan, i took yet naother risk in showing that i play with dead things sometimes...they are getting harder.
m., yep, nice way to see it!

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