Saturday, April 14, 2012

playing catch up

this week away from teaching hooligans 
has been respite.
however, i have been 
busy to crazy busy
playing catch up.

thank you, carol! 
there were mail presents
and an order came in
which included seeds
 i continued with my new book
(thanks, lee) 
 and finished up the zine
 that goes with the zine.
 bloodroot is marvelous
 protected by those big leaves
 clouds and cool weather
(there was snow in the mountains
but not here)
 fiddleheads beginning
 and heron events.
i have been looking at the eagles, too
 but the herons
i have fallen hard for them!
more news tomorrow, i think!


deanna7trees said...

such treasures. love how the fiddle heads begin to pop. i'm staying away from the eagle and hummingbird cams. i get so involved that i can't break away.

anastasia said...

spring in the north country, always exciting! i love watching the blue herons; i would always skim the lakes and ponds to see them while riding the bus home from school.
collecting fiddlehead cotton is one on my checklist of things to spin. you can collect the cotton from the heads and stem, let it dry out, and then spin the fiber with silk or cotton for slubby noils. it's sometimes used in fly fishing also. there aren't any fiddleheads growing here, and the spring has left us already. i keep looking for it in the supermarkets, sometimes they sell the fiddleheads to eat. yummy!

lovely books, so many details! they're like memory boxes of interesting things.

Anonymous said...

last picture is great.
i love watching herons fly low across the water... sometimes so low that the tips of their wings slightly dip into the water.


Els said...

What lovely wrapping paper in that first pic !!! Bookmaking is very interesting: just tried it for the first time (could be addictive .....)
Is that "bloodroot" a flower ?? (unknown to me / here)

ronnie said...

so many lovely pics and thoughts.... (I'm so intrigued by the zine.....) and while your plants are unfurling their spring attire - ours are donning winter wear...... I love that I can see things from afar (like that heron cam wot?!)

Ms. said...

Todays post is simply gorgeous....I love the background color and the contrast it produces for the I want to bring the milkweed back to my friends place in Massachusetts...and how are you distributing/selling that handsome WOman Zine? Can you post the site for the heron live stream? I'd love to watch...and I'm a weekly checker on the Eagle and the Hummingbird ones (even posted a link at the blog sidebar.

Barry said...

V-so much in this post - so much you have achieved and received. I love the bloodroot photo - so crisp pushing up through the mulch and twigs. Thanks for sharing the positive energy of spring. B

Lynn said...

Gorgeous post. Everything about it.
(Alchemy Works has some wonderful stuff - I have some oils from him that I just love.)
This post has put me in such a Spring mood - thanks, Velma!

Fiona Dempster said...

Life is a miscellany yes?

Velma said...

the wrapping paper is lively and fun from carol cantrell.
deanna, fiddleheads are spring clocks as the unwind themselves. go on over and watch. and listen!
anastasia, i collected fiddle head fuzz last year after buying some habu thread years ago that included it. i tried making pulp with it, but don't remember the result. sigh. old brain.
els, bookmaking is wonderful, but maybe not as addictive as handspinning! our bloodroot is Sanguinaria canadensis and is an early spring native. white flower, orange rhizome.
ronnie, i can hardly believe i'll be in oz in the depths of winter!
ms, there's milkweek in mass, but it's a main feature of my august class at longridge farm. i'll try to answer the other ?s in today's post
barry, it's positive after such a plodding and at times painful winter
lynn, thanks! and thanks for the good report on alchemy works, i'm pleased so far.
fiona, indeed! still trying to get used to it!

Judy Martin said...

Such lovely photos of everything - you give me a full up feeling. Inner immensity stuff.

Isn't that heron the most beautiful thing you ever saw?

And congratulations on that milkweed book. It looks fantastic.

Valerianna said...

Many spring gifts here... I've always been fascinated by the fuzziness of fiddleheads when emerging, weird & wonderful! And the herons - oh my!

Velma said...

v, YES!

Carol said...

Velma, what a fascinating blog! I've been reading back and there are so many things I know nothing about at all. The herons are beautiful, no wonder you love watching them. And the fiddleheads! Gorgeous!

Long Ridge Farm said...

mmm,mmmm, the fiddlehead shot....but then all of them. nice Velma.

neki desu said...

so many wonders!!

Velma said...

judy, i hope it is, i'm sending it out for the honest opinions of two very sharp friends!
carol, many welcomes and, well, the place speaks for itself. YAY!
nancy, many thanks! i have a fern trick with handmade paper...
neki, indeed!

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