Monday, April 30, 2012


wake robin is the red one
deep red petals
*stink pots*
*stinkin' willie*
beloved of northern woods
wendy plays with a stick
on our walk
once common,
now very occasional
as she ages
 asao shimura's book
 came today 
with little shifu samples
i mean tiny
and it was wrapped in this lovely thai kozo
a treat
after a fine day 
at bittersweet farm.


aimee said...

i know, so tiny! but it works for asao. he's been doing it for longer than i've been alive!

Velma said...

aimee, you are such a baby...or asao (and i) are OLD!

ronnie said...

my goodness that is teeny tiny stuff! (and fascinating.... makes me keen to learn more...) one day... one day....

neki desu said...

that book speaks volumes to the japanophile in me

Barry said...

V-a blog post full of nature, creativity and friend energy - uplifting - good to have them in our daily lives. Go well. B

Fiona Dempster said...

What a beautiful, beautiful book!

Gardener in the Distance said...

A cuddle to Wendy from me and Zara, Velma.

Alice said...

Good trillium spotting, sweet dog, sweet book. Fine day!

Velma said...

ronnie, it really is teeny!
neki, it's so very asao!
barry, yes, indeed
fiona, it's very sweet
faisal, and wendy sends hugs back (though i have to admit she's a people dog, npt a dog dog!)
alice, it was fine!

all-thanks you for friendly words on a hard day

Sandra Dunn said...

that's a such a simple and beautiful flower! oh wendy, they slow down don't they :( but so glad she enjoyed the stick this day! :)

Velma said...

sandra, it's been a lovely flowering, but wendy is slowing down SO much.

anastasia said...

ah trillium, i know you!
i pressed one in a book many years ago, it is very thin, but still fresh. you knew spring was here when they popped up among the barren trees. thank you for reminding me of a nice memory!

this book looks fantastic, i will need to check it out further.

Velma said...

anastasia, i, too have a trillium in a book memory. it was my first awareness of them. the book is wonderful, very tiny, very dear.

lee said...

lovely lovely trilliums...

Velma said...

yes, i have been thinking how these early flowers are my favorites. like jewels thrown out for us, encouragement.

Kit said...

lovely images... reminds me I must go out in search of trillium!

Velma said...

i'm glad, kit, there are trillium in the midwest (gosh-it's minnesota, right?)

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