Saturday, May 26, 2012

book, green, bittersweet, shifu

 early morning fog 
drifted away into clear skies
this week
 with the foliage 
and the birds
relishing this early summer
thank you folks
for ordering my little booklet
poor (wo)man's asparagus
 it's an open edition
which means i will be able
to print (just ink jet, not letterpress)
more when i wish.
there are a few from the first run still left.
this giant hosta leaf is
happily huge by my porch
also on the porch
in a little planter
a gift from bittersweet farm
a lettuce garden
replenishable salad
here's brian from bittersweet farm
showing my students how to haul
piglets. four mondays in may at the farm
taught us all new skills
and empowered us as citizens.
time to weave some shifu 
cotton warp, 20 epi, 5 yards (give or take)


aimee said...

i knew it would sell out! i LOVE that last pic of you. makes me miss you that much more.

Velma said...

not gonna talk about how much i miss you.

Valerianna said...

Good stuff!! Gotta plant my vegetables this weekend... first gotta find some starts!

onesmallstitch said...

love it all - the fog, the lettuce and piglets, of course the shifu and the "busy Velma"

deanna7trees said...

love seeing all your images. happy to hear your little book is doing well. i especially love that little lettuce garden. and love seeing you with all that thread.

Velma said...

valerie, you have been VERY busy, too!
jean, busy=happy
deanna, yes, me, too. you never know about these things, but i've sold more than i imagined i would! it's crazy happy making!

Velma said...

d--and i AM a thread woman!!!

neki desu said...

what is it about fog and dew that are so ideas conductive?
love the warping fiend photo :)

Velma said...

neki, maybe the humidity keeps the ideas "to home" and lack of sun makes us pay attention?

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