Tuesday, May 29, 2012

weekend images and a message

so, after makng my first run 
of poor (wo)man's asparagus
and struggling with my printer
i hooked up hannah's printer
the same as mine
and it's SO much better.
no mistakes.
so if anyone is upset with the less than lovely
printing, let me know, mail it back, and i will replace the text pages. 
 message from ronnie

 hannah's learning to make phase boxes
 jude again
i am loving this 

 hannah tutors claudia
in the land of blog
thumb work 
 a full box
i love this 

 from eagle rock school
 snapper queen
 two jars of goodies
 the green, verdigris, worked 
(it's actually much greener)
 hey there lonely boy
 i love the wagon wheel window
 wild sky
and the shifu that fell apart
wonderful paper, that disintegrated.
back to a safe paper!


Valerianna said...

Lots of goodies!! I wish I had a full bird box. It seems that a woodpecker made the hole bigger on the nesting box that always houses chickadees... so, they didn't use it this year :(

aimee said...

oooh! sooooo many treats.

deanna7trees said...

each image is like a gift. thanks.

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

so many joys, so many pleasures and treasures...and they are all small pieces of a bigger picture. what a treat for all.

Velma said...

valerie, the box surprised me, or rather the bird did. can you tell what it is?
aimee, i had to just throw all the pics up there was so much richness, and so much i left out, too.
deanna, you're welcome! the weekend was full of gifts
henrietta, yep, and i bet you know phase boxes...hann made a little one for my edition.

Valerianna said...

I can't see a lot of it.... but a swallow? Get me a better pic and maybe!!

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

Yes. Phase boxes were one of the most used made in house treatments for our collection. I had an ssst who loved making them. Very useful. I did smile when I saw the image. Brought back fond memories.

ronnie said...

you really really really rock (hee he hee)

Velma said...

v, i thought it was a barn swallow, too, but didn't want to get too close. if it is it probably won't mind a little spying.
henrietta, she made this little sample in a flash and wasn't happy with it (wrong material, etc) but i know how now.
ronnie, yep. so do you!

onesmallstitch said...

thanks for sharing your gifts of friendship and nature - a gift to all of us. to bad the shifu paper fell apart. i have a stack of Japanese calligraphy practise papers to use for shifu but have a feeling it may do the same thing, haven't had time to try it yet.

Velma said...

jean, i was so bummed out that the paper fell apart, it's really beautiful and i wasted a whole sheet (i did a test run, too, but it wasn't long enough...)
seems that the more i know the biggert the problems become as far as failures go.

neki desu said...

beautiful colors. i could use that fallen shifu in some way or another hint,hint ;)

Anonymous said...

you always have such interesting posts. i had a lovely visit here today :0)


Velma said...

neki,if i don't use it in the weaving that's being warped now.......

Anonymous said...

my goodness! what a treat to scroll through the images and see what all is going on in your neck of the woods! always interesting. always real.

Velma said...

dee, real is a relative term! but you're right, and i appreciate that.

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