Thursday, May 17, 2012


spring is all about
are waiting for me
are waiting for me 
are waiting for me
but they won't wait forever.
and imagination
there's indigo and safflower seedlings coming on
oh, and black holyhocks.


ronnie said...

sowing the seeds.....


deanna7trees said...

my hollyhocks did nothing last year but have been revived with the rain we have had lately. i have no idea what color they will yield. i will be happy with any color.

Velma said...

ronnie, absolutely!
deanna, i love the black and the clear red ones best, nothing double or pink for me!

onesmallstitch said...

yeah for the things that grow in the Spring. I had a wonderful time dyeing with black hollyhocks last year. It is so hot here that I'm hoping my indigo will be a fast grower.

Velma said...

jean, it was hot, then cool, tonight the furnace ran-

Ms. said...

So much to be desired there--my woad is three inches and fat leaved, still in posts on my city windowsill but soon to find fertile ground over in the church gardens (little do the bishops know what magical things I've planted there, and I won't tell. Magic is best kept close to those who love it well. i have a blood red hollyhock and never thought to dye with it, but now I will.

Long Ridge Farm said...

it's quite brrr like tonight so all got moved in. my black hollyhocks are sitting pretty...
hope springs eternal!

Valerianna said...

There's that spinny book again!!

aimee said...

omg!!! i saw that first pic and WOW. so. much. safflower!!!! what a dream. can't wait to see what happens when the wait is over!

neki desu said...

yes! safflower and indigo too.

Velma said...

ms. i love the idea of dyeplants sneaking into a church garden! and use the red hollyhock with india's ice flower technique-good results!
nancy, furnace ON.
valerie, i love that book!
aimee, i know. i love this stash!
neki, yep. color love.

mansuetude said...


i think you are up to magic; brightening the world's brightest

Velma said...

m. being up to magic tickles me!

kaiteM said...

Black hollyhocks? mmm, wonder where i can find some of those. a witches brew!

Velma said...

kaite, i don't know about seeds in oz, but black hollyhocks aren't very unusual here--

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