Saturday, May 5, 2012

moonness play


fall down 
falling down 
 drowned in
drowned in moonness
down in the moon
from next door:


Valerianna said...

Moonstruck, eh?

Ms. said...

Ha1 You got it--here, no go--too overcast for mooning--maybe tomorrow night--meanwhile there are moons at both my blogs and tonight I swam in the wonderful poetry of the recently deceased RUTH STONE at a tribute to her, and met her grown daughters who carry her into the future...there is a video on my site and you can have a taste of her at 93 years, authentic and miraculous. How I love the cows in the misty there at the end of your line of mooning through the night.

Lynn said...


Long Ridge Farm said...

playing under the light of the moon!

Velma said...

v, moonstruck, indeed. wendy and me!
ms. a lovely tribute to your poet and the turning of the moon. the cows are fine neighbors.
lynn, yep!
nancy, bet the sheep are happy!

kaiteM said...

did you photograph those cows by the light of the moon? i was able to walk to my compost in the moonlight and not fall or bump into anything.

jude said...

nothing here. thanks.

Velma said...

too cloudy, jude?

mansuetude said...

wonder if the blue heron chicks got a squint at that moon.

Velma said...

m., i imagine heronness is close to moonness in ways humans can't fathom

Alice said...

Ooh, good moon pix. Lunacy. The good kind.

Velma said...

lunacy, alice, indeed!

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