Sunday, May 20, 2012

book news

i'm in it,
 along with loads of wonderful book artists: 
aimee lee, malissa jay craig
to name two of my favorites! 
Poor (Wo)man's Asparagus
is available for sale
(once i sort out paypal)
printed ink jet,
(red or green or umber)
at home 
it's about how i learned milkweed
Asclepias syriaca
white pages, green mottled cover
and a sample of milkweed paper inside


aimee said...

oh, YAY!!! so proud of your edition. beautiful and perfect. and i am SO happy to be in that book w/you and mjc!!

ArtPropelled said...

Yay! You deserve to be in that gorgeous looking book! Is the rock book in there? Another book for my wish list.

Velma said...

YAY aimee!
robyn, i think it might be a vellum/shifu book--or two. can't remember-

Lynn said...

Congratulations, Velma. One for my wish list too.
Poor (Wo)man's Asparagus is beautiful. I look forward to ordering a copy once paypal is up and running.

ronnie said...

make sure you reserve one of the milkweed books with my name on it! (I'll even try paypal...... gulp..... for the first time)

I hadn't heard about 1000 artist journals.... is it out now? (I'll get the local independent bookstore to get me one!) ....I was lucky to hear about lark books '500 handmade books' in time to submit a few years ago - its nice to be included in the mix - congrats to you! (and the makers of the other 999) ooooo too much to want for in this post!

kaiteM said...

Huh - not on the cover? they must have made a mistake! congratulations, excellent news.

Valerianna said...

Congratulations - look forward to seeing the book!!

And the edition looks wonderful. I found paypal easy, good luck.

blandina (aracne) said...

Congratulations, you must have a lovely feeling of accomplishment.

leFiligree said...

your handmade book looks stunning. i cant wait to get one in my hot lil hands.

Joanne B Kaar said...

Well done you!

Velma said...

lynn, i'm working on it (frustration and headcold not condusive to thinking)
ronnie, peter and donna thomas are "in charge" of this one, so i'm hoping it willl be good
kait, i love you!
v. i may be crying on your shoulder-
blandina, if only i were more tech savvy-
lf, it will happen SOON
joanne, thanks, indeed!

onesmallstitch said...

congratulations, again and again, so well done. Hope you're very proud of yourself.

Mo Crow said...

your edition looks fab Velma and don't worry, getting the Paypal account happening is easy & it works really well, be brave!
I'm in the 1000 artist's books too look forward to seeing everyone's work in it very soon!
BTW will you be visiting Sydney during your tour of Oz? if so you're more than welcome to stay with us here in Newtown if you like?

Velma said...

jean, thanks! it's better than the first draft
mo, cool! don't know yet if i'll make it to sydney, but i'm so glad you'r ein the book! still struggling with paypal. yikes!

neki desu said...

day of wonderful news
congratulations on both.

Velma said...

thanks, neki!

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