Monday, May 28, 2012

books scattered about

 my current journal
 a page spread from it
 this amazing artist, junko oki, sent me this
 here's a page spread from
(which i anglicized mistakenly to posey)
 here's the book
 karen kunc
 my book actias luna and aimee's bright moon shining
share a page spread
and here are a few more 
photos to entice you.
 jody williams
 tim ely
 alisa golden
 jan owen
 beata wehr
i LOVE this book!
and the next two
but then i can find work 
on every page
that moves me. 
 hedi kyle
there is such variety here
i keep finding new work 
from artists i respect.
(i won't photograph every page, 
you must see for yourself)
sandra salamony and
peter and donna thomas did a fine job.


ArtPropelled said...

Just checked Kalahari and we can get 1000 Artists Books in South Africa so it's on my wish list. So glad you mentioned it!

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

a treasure of treasures. how lovely for the company. i'm sure you'll be spend hours running your fingers over the pages - thinking texture. hedi kyle is a goddess...her work has always

Velma said...

robyn, you won't be sorry you got it!
henrietta, hedi is amazing in every way.

blandina (aracne) said...

I will try and purchase the book too, it seems like a 'must have' and I want to dream turning its pages.

Velma said...

blandina, let me know if you have trouble with paypal...i chose it because it seems the easiest way to insure both buyer and purchaser.

onesmallstitch said...

I've ordered 1000 Artists' and am waiting impatiently. Velma, your journal looks intriguing, love the fabric. I found Junko Oki's website, her work is wonderful/unique.

Alice Fox said...

Thanks for mentioning this book - it looks wonderful.

ronnie said...

wellllll you've done it again V - MORE things for me to need...... I'm not going to have enough $$$ to buy the chook food at this rate! (on a small note - I wish there were a larger number of overseas booky artists amongst those 1000...... I know I know - no need to tell me.... we always lament about who's NOT in a book don't we..... the pages you've shown look scrumdillyumptious!

Velma said...

jean, i hope you like 1000-- it's good but i so want to touch the things. the good thing is i'm seeing new artists and old stalwarts, too!
alice, it's pretty fine
ronnie, well, you could eat them...the chooks (chickens, right?) ...and it is a u.s. publication...but i totally agree.

Nancy said...

Ah, such an inspiring treat!

Valerianna said...

COOL!! on a hot day.

Velma said...

nancy, !!!
valerie, hot here and really hot for hannah in syracuse!

Ms. said...

FYI 4 copies available for $16.95

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I love artists books and can't wait to get this book of books. Congratulations Velma!

iNd!@nA said...

oh dear...yet another book to chase up

i will need to build a library soon

Gardener in the Distance said...

Utterly beautiful, Velma.

Velma said...

thanks, ms.!
leslie, of course you do!i think it's a good cross section
indie, i can see your library
faisal, thank you.

mansuetude said...


beautiful books all within a book. :)

Velma said...

yep. just wish i could touch them all!!!

aimee said...

so happy that our books are touching.

Mo Crow said...

thanks for the peek Velma! am still waiting for ours to arrive here in the Land Down Under!

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