Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 i keep being surprised
waking early
the sound of many coyotes, the pups
all hollering for what sounds like joy
or fun
or cussedness
 this nest is actually not,
instead it's
hibiscus rootbound
and finally freed
 around the garden i find
violets, violas, pansies
faces contented with their variety
 bee balm.
and i napped today on the porch
 until i was disturbed by a
male ruby throated hummingbird
 in his great excitement
 whatever was going on
 for she, too, was flying about
 he got into the screen porch 
bold enough until i
in my human wisdom
tried to help
 and then i was obliged
to go upstairs to find
the insect net
which was luckily
 and brought his frenzy to a close
 and released him to find 
this spruce
 where generations of hummers have hung out
and probably raised chicks
nests which
 i have never seen


ronnie said...

a happy ending for the hummer (I'd love to spy that beak close up)

deanna7trees said...

it took me awhile, even after you wrote it, to see that those were roots. i wonder if a bird would take something like that as a nest. and i know that hummer was grateful.

onesmallstitch said...

lucky hummer! they build their nests in a crook of a branch and plaster it with lichen, very difficult to spot unless you are lucky enough to see them coming or going. so nice to nap on the porch.

Ms. said...

EXCITING HUMMER ADVENTURE--I'm guessing their nest might have been under attack from a crow perhaps (they love hummer eggs) -- but perhaps it was only love excitement.

Velma said...

ronnie, alls well this time! are there hummers in oz?
deanna, the roots are so cool! he was, and won't make that mistake again, i think!
jean, it HAS to be in that spruce, though i look each year, and they nest there each year, i've never spotted it. you, i know, have found yours!
ms. no, they were in courtship and annoyed at being separated! no crow around, and i don't think there are eggs yet, because they are both flying together.

aimee said...

ah, nests are on the mind. today during dinner outside i pointed out the one in the tree in the courtyard and then told my poet friends all about your nest book. yay for your nap on the porch!

Velma said...

a healing nap, a hummer, and thinking of poems, too!

leFiligree said...

this made me smile. silly hummer! what a treat to see one though.

neki desu said...

nests are such perfect constructions full of meanings and possibilities.

Penny Berens said...

Don't you just love thee sound of excited coyote pups! I always imagine it's because dad has come home with some breakfast.
I'm looking out for my first humming bird up here. So glad you were able to help this little one.

Velma said...

lf, very much a treat, indeed!
neki, nests are the perfect baskets because they hold the world
penny, YES!! i LOVE them!

ArtPropelled said...

Glad you were there to rescue him. Oh how I would love to see a hummingbird nest.

Velma said...

robyn, jean (one small stitch) has a recent blog photo of one. lucky her!

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