Friday, June 29, 2012

delicious colo(u)r

 somehow the u added in
makes color richer.
here at beautiful silks,
colour enhances even the metal
grates covering the windows
 so i went shopping
looking for some goodies for my students:
pigment perhaps, or other papers--
and a couple of drop spindles.
 and i found this place:
it has the rarefied atmosphere
of serious, quality art supplies,
and paper
and pigment
 aukje's sample books
 when a teacher takes the time 
to put her samples into an original
and beautiful format
her students have a 
haptic object to explore
 a way to begin
this idea
seedpod stitched
is terribly exciting 
the structurue is simple, elegant 
and totally appropriate 
class supply collage
outside in the alley
natural green 
aukje put six shifu squares
into dyebaths
the vats ate two
but spewed forth these.


aimee said...

Omg those books! You must be having the time of your life!

Long Ridge Farm said...

wonderful....I loved coming to the shop each day and seeing the grate of fabrics woven throughout. you are just having too much fun and maybe bringing back a secret or three for our students in August!

Nancy said...

Amazing! You must be beside yourself with glee! Thanks for sharing your finds.

ronnie said...

how good is all that? (too good!)

jo said...

I'm sorry we won't be meeting up after all too - I will just have to come to the States! - more places to visit if you have time - Artisan Bookshop on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy, St Luke's Art Supplies on Smith Street in Collingwood and the Botanical Gardens - I never tire of wandering there looking at all the fantastic plants and thinking about what shapes and colours one could get with them - I try to go to all 3 whenever I am back in Melbourne

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

this is such a wonderful journey you are on...someday, someday. thank you for the sharing because these images are so inspiring and you are going to be transformed by you experience...enjoy your time

Thread Born said...

I've discovered your blog very recently through Jennifer Qudeen.

I love your photography and simple yet expressive words.

The books are here are so inspiring! I have been thinking about making "swatch" books of printed fabric
samples and this is such a great format... Thanks so much for sharing.
Julie B Booth

Velma said...

aimee, you would love these books!
nancy, i start to work work tomorrow. i love those grates!
nancy, welcome
ronnie, yes!
jo, made it to artisan books and to several art supply places, yum!
henrietta, i am being transformed!
tb, please credit aukje with this structure. it's an old sample book model, but hers, no less!

india flint said...

the stitched pod image reminds me to alert you to the work of the amazing Nalda Searles, who has been stitching found plant material to cloth for years...

blandina (aracne) said...

How interesting it is to follow you in your trip. the sample booklet is very inspiring.

Gardener in the Distance said...

You have found your feet, Velma. Our feet, they travel a bit. So happy to hear you love us, here, down in the Great Southern. Keep the colours burning bright!

Velma said...

many thanks, india. would like tot meet ms. nalda
blandina, indeed
faisal, it's an amazing place.

onesmallstitch said...

overwhelming/inspiring - a visual feast. for those of us who can't be there your pictures are the next best. I love the sample book..

Velma said...

yes jean, me too

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi V - MES is one of my 'must visits' whenever in Melbourne - it's delicious to wander around isn't it? And my what a treasure that book is with the stitching. That's what makes getting together great isn't it? So glad you are having a fine time - hope you continue to enjoy!

Velma said...

yay fiona, YAY

neki desu said...

i am ecstatic! thank you for your account.

Velma said...

neki, smiling

Anonymous said...

Velma, crazy question, being that I'm a Melbourne girl and all... Just wondering if you found a shop that supplies drop spindles in melbourne? I can't seem to find a reference to any, perhaps I'm googling the wrong way!
Cheers Samm
Ps have been enjoying your beautiful silks updates... Was sad to have missed your shifu class - sometimes my paid work just gets in the way!! Maybe next time...

Velma said...

sam-sent you an email, but the spinners and weavers guild shop has the ashford spindles that many in th eclass bought. they were quite lovely to work with.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Velma. No email, but no worries, I'll head to the guild shop ASAP!
Ps made my own in the meantime from a toy car wheel, a piece of dowl, a hook and some rubber bands - a HOOT!!!
Does the job too!

Velma said...

sam-that should be just fine!

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