Wednesday, June 13, 2012

disturbance of blackbirds

i have some fiber news
but the neighborhood has other things pressing:
 after supper walk with wendy
 we were dive-bombed by
some red winged blackbirds
 already disturbed by some mowing that  
my neighbor started.
they had a lot to get off their chests.
and quite possibly had some murder on their minds.
 a closer look at the shrine
and i'm still puzzled by the fake fruit
(and mistletoe?)
 and the fence just above it
 seems to me to be so haphazard
any disturbance could 
 but it doesn't
a couple of calves, 
could have a negative affect.
they are safely held in by wire and their mamas
about a mile away.
and, this week,
my friend (not bo peep, but katrina) who lost her sheep, 
found it. 
4 1/2 miles away.


roz said...

that fence post ..image 6 ..does have a face ,above where the shrine has been left... hmmmmmm

Valerianna said...

Good to know what's happening on the next range...

Here, herds of red efts and luna moths, and a bear : )

leFiligree said...

i love a good summit of birds. are you saying the shrine is being added to? very curious, indeed. you should contribute something and see what happens

Velma said...

roz, sharp eyes the woman has! thanks.
valerie, oh, lunas! i love them. herds of efts.
lF, not yet, but i think that's a grand idea!

Anonymous said...

You have blackbirds...I have starlings...want to trade?

Velma said...

claudia, i've got starlings in my house! ha! (are you THAT claudia?)

Claudia MacDonald said...

yes v, I am THAT claudia...that is...your much older sister
cheers my dear
wasn't today the perfect weather day...loving it

Penny said...

Fascinated by the shrine....fake fruit?

Velma said...

claudia, perfect weather followed by perfect night followed by another perfect day. YAY.

penny, they are some kind of fancy plastic and the mistletoe cracks me up! incongruous in every way. delightful.

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