Wednesday, June 20, 2012

lightning bugs

trying hard to capture
 lightning bugs 
these last two nights.
not much success, but a great many photos
and some fun


Valerianna said...

A few sparkles! Happy Solstice... going to be HOT here!

mansuetude said...


Velma said...

valerie, 91 in th ehills and i bought wendy a fan.

m, thanks. i wish i had better camera skills!

onesmallstitch said...

on the first day of summer, enjoy it while you can. wish i could see you chasing 'roos

Velma said...

jean, or being chased by them!

neki desu said...

oh the lovelies!

Velma said...


handstories said...

there are some flickers of light! having not grown up w/them, i find them magical when i visit the midwest.
sorry about your heat.

Velma said...

i first saw them visiting west virginia. we didn't have them growing up in western ny.

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