Monday, June 11, 2012

less than two

 in preparation for my trip to australia
i'm making last minute

 while the weather is moving all
the skies are 
 in the distance
the high peaks
 and down the road 
but today it peaked
over 90 degrees.
wendy is panting
i fell into a huge nap after work
and now, now maybe i can breathe
a quart of strawberries
amish grown
filled my kitchen with ripeness
a suprise for
with tea and toast.


Valerianna said...

I like seeing fibers, there are stories in the making.

Wow, that's wierd about your weather. its been cool here all day, in the 70's. I wore socks and now have on a sweater. Suppose to be in the 70's and sunny for the rest of the week, but 50's at night.

deanna7trees said...

love the spinning and the clouds. it was 100 here today.

kaiteM said...

Maybe we can speak even tho we can't see each other while you're here, unless of course you come up to Sydney, then i can catch the train down to meet you. Xchange phone nos?

leFiligree said...

it might get to 65F here today. 90F would be unheard of! how do you survive? oh...the strawberries!!

aimee said...

you are so good at preparing! we had wind today. i thought of you a lot as i spun paper scraps!

Velma said...

valerie, stories seem to appear these days! send me your cool!

deanna, how can you manaage?

kaite, let's keep that open, huh?

lF, struggling here! and the strawberries, sublime.

Velma said...

aimee, not really so good. spin away.

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

This is like a weather post. No rain in days n 90 here. My puppy pants n I with. It's not fun especially with no AC. But I prefer breathing air from my window instead of a can. You spinning is grand n excitment is in the air too I'm sure. The clouds are making lovely designs for you to imagine n play with. Cheers.

Nancy said...

Spinning the clouds! Beautiful :) It was about 92 degrees here...but it is that hot or hotter everyday it seems!

onesmallstitch said...

oh, it's getting close - exciting. The strawberries sound delicious. It's still coolish here on the West coast but no floods and no forest fires, I'm thankful for anything.

ronnie said...

prepare for a whole mess of COLD over this side of the pond! (I'm still beating myself up that I can't get to melyborn while you are on aussie soil) insert unhappy face here

Velma said...

henrietta, i applaud you for living sans a.c. me, too, but it's usually milder here!
nancy, spinning clouds, indeed! tooooo hot
jean, i wonder if we'll be having fires soon, if this keeps up.
ronnie, well, you know, i like cold! should i bring my skiis? i will miss you, too.

Jennifer said...

What wonderful clouds. Not so wonderful temps. Ah...a nap after work. That sounds do the strawberries.

ArtPropelled said...

It's nippy over here in South Africa (a dusting of snow on distant mountains) but the sun is shining and the sky is the most beautiful blue. A quart of strawberries .... yum!

jude said...

weather and spinning. same here.

Velma said...

jennifer, i fell into that nap, and soundly.
robyn, how i would love to see south africa! when you come here, come in june for strawberries!
jude, little wheels spin and spin and the big wheels turn around...

Long Ridge Farm said...

Those mountains and views are gorgeous!
Get lots of sleep, take all those extra naps....

Velma said...

nancy, i will keep trying to nap! the mountains are so healing, though i'm in the foothills, the big ones have a different presence.

Barry said...

V-beautiful spinning that will translate into gorgeous weaving. B

Velma said...

barry, that's my hope!

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