Sunday, June 17, 2012

 i have the best friends!
friends who send me their samples,
their thoughts,
their critiques
all essential.
 a touch of blue in the garden soil
 test bale
 a dead youth
 bladder campion
 potential paper!
 more potential paper
composition on the roadside
a richness
happy father's day
to all the dads.
my dad has been gone a long time.
a man who told stories
even a tall tale
and who loved his
richness of daughters.


Ms. said...

Ah, the riches of your land with it's life/death playing out nature's song, and the richness of your friends, and the sisterhood of the fatherless in which I share, and how we become sll that once was and will become again-- Everything potentially something else.

Valerianna said...

Always good textures here.... and depth. Small, dead youth, couldn't quite tell what it was, fisher or beaver or porcupine? : (

aimee said...

Such a wonderful set of images!! And to think you pulled it together even while pulling out your hair in preparation is even more impressive!

Velma said...

ms, in my case, orphaned at 21. but i was rich in wonderful parents.
valerie, it's a woodchuck, about a third grown.
aimee, luckily i have lots of hair!

Valerianna said...

oh, that was another thought of mine... interesting, I've never really SEEN the feet of a woodchuck, they were throwing me off.

Claudia MacDonald said...

I love that, Velma: "richness of daughters". Thank you for that.
One of the many...Claudia (#3 daughter).

mansuetude said...

i love your photo journals. A richness indeed, me too (love being part of the richness of sisters).

Velma said...

valerie, the feet are incredible, look ceramic or plastic...strong.
claudia, you and sandy and me are the remaining richnesses.
m., yay for sisters!

Anonymous said...

i love your photo journals too, and what a sentiment for a father/daughter relationship - "a man who... love his richness of daughters"

Velma said...

thanks so much, dee. my dad really loved us five. yep, five!

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