Sunday, June 3, 2012


 all around the new neighborhood

definite  weight limit

 stream through the woods
 downstream a bit

 blue flag
 the stream
 dazzled over a new planting


  the stranger with the camera

 fencing over rock
 north country ingenuity


ronnie said...

love the rock fencing - and the big horses..... do you think you can parcel a couple up into an envelope for me (oz customs won't know if you put them into a rectangular envelope to disguise their horsey shape.....

Velma said...

ronnie, as hannah would say, "i'm on it!" i haven't had the courage yet to stop and introduce myself to the horse's people. i love how fencing is fabricated here!

aimee said...

yay! the new hood. i love how you can see and capture precious everywhere you go.

Velma said...

thanks, aimee. it is so precious...even the funny things like our absurd swing!

Anonymous said...

i like your neighborhood!
oh gee, i hope i'm not a robot!

Alice said...

You sure have a good sky over there.

neki desu said...

moved?? new hood is full of awesome rocks.

iNd!@nA said...

neat fencing detail...and better 'hill' than 'hell'


Velma said...

thanks, glennis...i don't think a robot can get her nails indigoed...
alice, it's amazing!
neki, well, i won't live hter fro another couple of years...but i'm heading that wat
india-fences and hell

Jan Ward said...

I enjoyed the walk around your neighborhood.

onesmallstitch said...

it's ALL so-o beautiful, I love the fence and the rock and the lichen. the anti-robot thing is getting a bit weird!

Penny Berens said...

Gorgeous, Velma, so beautifully captured.

Anonymous said...

thanks, jan!
jean, i hate the anti-robot codes. hate.
thanks, penny, it was an invigorating weekend!

roz said...

is this neighbourhood far from the Canton home ?
still north country huh?

Velma said...

thanks, jan
penny, you would recognize much here!
roz, about 18 miles from here.

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