Friday, October 19, 2012

autumn shades

i *think* this is my poem
for the bloodroot and violet book
from the natural colours exhibit
i *know* this is a pot
of autumn colors 
cotton, linen, and silk
and paper
 saving can lids for globes

 and rusty bits shed by passing vehicles
probably tractors
 drew asked it this was hebrew, 
you can, perhaps, see why
 more metals on yogurt mordanted cotton twill
 those gramicci climbing pants
 more of claudia's clothing
 twill and rose
and inside one linen bundle, 
a little silk surprised me.


  1. ah ha, the clips came off. such lovelies of the season. there be a lot of patience waiting for the right moment for more...very nice.

  2. lovely colours. the serendipity of it all is magic.

  3. Love this work!
    So if that's your poem, could you type it out for your readers? It isn't visible in the photograph and is, in any case not in English I think

  4. henrietta, yes, they're off and the results were sastisfying. it takes HUGE control not to open immediately!
    jean, autumn magic, season for that for sure
    ms. er, the reason i showed it IS because it's in japanese! if i get my courage...though some of these poems "belong" to a particular artists' book, like this one does. must think about that!

  5. i think I like the idea of can lids making globes the best in this post.... imaging piles of rubbish: cans and lids all over the globe - little globes in waiting....

  6. thanks, lynn.
    ronnie, i have "grown two globes in the house this year...and now these...

  7. nancy, one more globe (so far) yet to share...


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