Saturday, October 27, 2012

images lately

the week has been deliciously busy
 branches wove across the sky
there was little rain
 a moon waxing
but from my belly
yes, on the side of the road!
she looked odd
grandmother maple's ochre
 and garden hosta
harvested for paper
 this colorful watcher
brought down for a cleaning
 stitching on golden milkweed paper
 one of many bundles
 this, too.
paper peeled off silk
sumac fruit clinging by
furry fingers
and this: aimee's book.
i had the huge privilege
of being an early reader
and now you can buy it.
it's very, very fine.


  1. Ooh... delicious Velma!
    The book looks fascinating ... since passing through Seoul last year on route to England I am even more fascinated by that place and its culture.
    Love the piece that reminds me of staring into a flickering campfire!

  2. Richness everywhere
    watchers watching
    leaves crumple and fall.

    an unintended Haiku, I guess...!!

  3. lotsa loveliness (I'm fascinated by what might be behind the covers of aimee's book...)

  4. sophie, yes, i got some fine color and prints in the last batch.
    valerie, i inspired some poetry
    ronnie, you will have to look inside-it's rich.

  5. thank you for sharing the book! i love esp the image of you on the ground to get that shot!

  6. aimee, wendy came over to see if i was ok--she's usually the one who is on the ground (when she trips) on our walks, not me. (i hope that little thread of stray lokta is ok)

  7. I love your autumn richness in your images and dyed pieces.. and the book looks wonderful.

  8. Are you kidding? The lokta ensures that the book is truly at your house! I love it. Now the picture is even funnier, with Wendy worried about you down on the ground! :-D

  9. You got my attention "from my belly yes, down on the road" and the photo was well worth the effort. Did anyone stop to offer help :-)
    Lovely glimpses into your life, Velma.

  10. LOVELY INDEED-your vision is acute, and your choices just beautiful-words and images alike.

  11. V-autumn makes for good work materials; but I love the silhouettes it offers. Thanks for sharing. B

  12. donna, it's VERY good, i can't wait to re-read it
    aimee, and i didn't even get wet!
    robyn, not much traffic on the road that day, but really, people here are very reserved, so they might not stop!
    ms, thank you, really matters
    barry, yes, the silhouettes are sometimes so moving

  13. i was looking forward to seeing this book at the IAPMA meeting...sad to have missed it, gorgeous cover.


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