Sunday, October 7, 2012

sunday walk

 little heifer 7, i rename you aimee
she knows why!
there were
a herd of heifers
looking at me 
crazy woman, laughing in a car!
 around the new place

 i thought i could easily identify this
 but i can't
 anyone know?
 an inky cap of some sort?
probably 8 or so inches.
i was on my belly
on the side of the road
up close and deep 
 found here
 on the most amazing
 autumn sunday
i forgot to show claudia
who stopped in
the dyed sleeve of her linen jacket.
the town of russell's way
to point out 
unexpected rocks emerging
from the pavement!
(not me, just the spray paint.)


Valerianna said...

Cool cow and shroom... don't know it myself, I have a ton of different kinds everywhere right now. That dyed linen jacket sleeve is kinda trippy.

Velma Bolyard said...

valerie, i wish i had more mushroom knowledge...the thing had a shimmery effect on it's "dress" when the wind blew.

onesmallstitch said...

great pictures, again. I love seeing your part of the world - and little Aimee. mushroom could be a shaggy mane(coprinus comatus) tall and cylindrical when young. they will liquefy and turn into an inky black fluid from the bottom up as they age (the "ink" has been used to write with)

Ms. said...

Gorgeous day there--rain and gloom here, so it was an extra pleasure to walk with you...oh, cows and foliage, shrooms and shadows...a lovely, lovely walk. I can not identify that one either..but CAUTION is best( like Cornell sites in general ( and they usually answer questions.

aimee said...

haha!! i LOVE being able to put a face to a moo!!! thanks for sharing. such delight. how much you love the new place is so clear and full of joy.

Lisa said...

It's a shaggy mane mushroom. They are delectably delicious, when fresh and not inky. Yum yum. These come up in huge swathes along roadsides in our area at this time of year. And I do believe they were actually used for ink in some areas.

leFiligree said...

i agree on the coprinus comatus, shaggy mane. those look perfect for picking right now!

Anonymous said...

I do believe I like the linen 'jacket' even better now! Thanks for tea, visit and doggie licks. Enjoy our last day (for a few) of freedom!

Velma Bolyard said...

jean, quess i need to make some ink-
ms. i AM way would i eat this!
aimee, i'm so lucky!
lisa, so maybe i could cook it up!
lf, yes, thanks. i wonder why they are so tall!!!
claudia, yes, the linen jackets are in pieces and some have already been dyed.

jude said...

i have those shrooms everywhere as well... now I know, i love the "magic" cow.

Velma Bolyard said...

jude, cows and mushrooms, or, specifically, heifers and mushrooms.

t said...

we don't have those muchies here, they do look quiet soft and fleshy. I am also very cautious with mushrooms.... but not with cows.


Velma Bolyard said...

teresa, i'm more cautious with cows than horses...i understand them a bit better. i was wondering about dyeing with them, but looks like i could go back and gather a few for ink.

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