Saturday, October 6, 2012

autumn wind

 walking this afternoon 
the wind was whistling and chuffing 
my ears
 practicing spooky
 you can see how it flurled her
 and this one seedlet
couldn't let loose
but oh, OH!
the wind!
 looking over the edge to my woods
 close to this abandoned
a hitch hiker stuck on my heel.
picked up around the neighbor's meadow.


ronnie said...

brrrrr cool winds this side of the pond also -- but with spring rather than autumn colours

Valerianna said...

So, Wendy isn't a fan of wind? I like the seedlet holding on to stay with the pack... but its destiny is to LET GO and spread the weed!!

Here, I saw Pasha running here and there trying to outrun the leaves he thought were chasing him, turning around to make sure they didn't catch up. It was pretty comical!

india flint said...

nice leaves...

Ms. said...

Wind here too.....but never such beautiful woods as yours.....and it sure is scatter seed time, but where HAVE all the bluebirds gone?

Velma Bolyard said...

ronnie, that wind!
valerie, nope, she gets confused, i think.
india, everywhere!
ms., scatter scatter

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