Monday, May 31, 2010

beautiful morning

beautiful morning today. cool, birds everywhere, cars don't seem rushed.
lena, 11 year old doberman, hiding from the flash.
gwen, a llewellyn setter, enamored of birds, especially ruffed grouse.
eucalyptus bundles.
beautiful tess, a year old english setter. sweet and tractable. my friend's dogs are frequent visitors, wendy dislikes them all!
ice flower on silk.
hollyhock on abaca paper, steam fixed.
summer's here for sure.


iNdi@ said...

ooh lovely dogs, lovely colour, lovely day

aimee said...

i loooove seeing how you get better and better at shooting and sharing. the combo of images is so beautiful and calming. i miss you!

Christine said...

Found your blog through IF today. I just started my own experiments with Eco-dye techniques. Lovely blog, pictures and sentiments.
Cheers from Cleveland, Ohio

r said...

beautiful prints and colours

Velma said...

thanks for the kind words. india's book eco colour opened a whole new idea about natural dyeing, says this veteran of 1970s dyeing!

miss you aimee!

Judy Martin said...

OK Velma

NOw, I have to go look up ice flowers in the Eco colour book - I have wool and silk rayon mordanting right now.

Your flower cloth and paper is delicious.

Velma said...

i had sorta given up on hatural dyes. a little bit. then i started playing around with rust and weather ways of marking cloth. then i "met" india. and it blew me away.

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