Thursday, May 13, 2010

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items of interest: 
item 1: i will be attending the paper and book intensive this summer. i have three awesome papermakers/book artists as my teachers, tatiana ginsberg, frank brannon, and melissa jay craig. (i may have mentioned this before) so i have been trying to get a bit more work done and out there-- which leads to:

item 2: i will be showing in the upcoming show interior markings july 1 – august 8, at the abecedarian gallery, denver, colorado

item 3: i just got this book
item 4: recent dye experiments
item 5: wonderful cordage from julie johnson
item 6: and i acquired some deaccensioned large books from a library sale, the shelter card is from one of them. i love that word.

item 7: and: look at this: at nina judin's site.
item 8: blue eyed grass. for my blogging friends the indigo lovers. one of my favorite tiny spring surprises. each year, it startles me. you would think it would be old. this is the first one i've ever picked. i couldn't help myself, and it was on the roadside frequented by tractors. 


Dianne said...

Congratulations and good luck in your endeavors... I love Blue-eyed grass.It grows so thick on the roadsides here that the whole right of way looks blue. You know... I've never picked one... They would look lovely bunched in a tiny vintage bottle wouldn't they?

iNdi@ said...

ha, i have that book,
one of the first i purchased as an architecture student
back in the Good Old Days
and i'm rather curious about that printmark on the cloth...

Velma said...

dianne-yes a whole tiny bouquet would be lovely.

india-the print is from an eraser print i made years ago on that fabric with dye. it happened to be on a piece of cotton i found to dye...the landform marks are actually too much dye squished around and printed heavily.

jude said...

a very nice list, congratulations!

mjc said...

That's a great list: hooray! The Tufte book is marvelous, the dyes are lush and lovely - and I'm in the Interior Markings show with you!

neki desu said...

fainting over here with all the good news and goodies.congratulations!

Anonymous said...

'deaccessioned' -- it IS a good word, one i've never heard before... sounds like a Catholic fall from faith (HA!)... love your dye experiments!

Velma said...

can protestants deaccession?


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