Sunday, May 9, 2010


my mom has been dead a long time now. but i remember her clearly and with much love. she had the grace to allow me to be myself and supported me through my choices and drastically different life than her own. she is my model for my mothering. 
i am lucky to have one kid of each kind, ian and hannah. we have had rocky times, but we are fine together. i love these beautiful twenty somethings. i am so lucky. 

snow today. quite a bit. woodstove on. reading quietly. a good day.


Fiona said...

You are lucky indeed to have had the joy of such a good mother.

Velma said...

maybe those 21 years, short as they seem now, were my great good fortune.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

velma...i admire your snow in May attitude.
that would NOT be me. need the heat.

moms, yes. model for mothering,
mom is still living and all the things you
said about your mom...the complete OPPOSITE
would be true about mine, all along and to
this day.
so I guess this is modeling too, in that
my kids and I have created quite a different
kind of love between us on our own. and that
feels very good.
for Mothers Day, I wish you warm winds to melt
your snow.

Velma said...

in educationese they call it a non-example. a negative example is still an example. i know how lucky i am.

Jeana Marie said...

A very Happy Mother's Day to you Velma, thinking of you as you remember your mom this day. How beautiful is the snow on the ferns? I hope it does warm up for you soon tho!

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