Tuesday, May 4, 2010

strange spring

busy at school. this time of the year we special education teachers have more iep's to prepare and cse's to attend than during the rest of the year. an iep is a student's individual educational plan and a cse is a meeting of the committee on special education. the iep is a legal document and our team writes very good ones. that takes time, testing, and three of us meeting on each student. because this program is innovative and individualized, we need to do our very best for each kid. that's besides the day to day programming.
so i've been getting home late. monday we were once again at bittersweet farm. i planted trees with one student all morning. in a downpour. then in a tropical heat wave that dried us out like the eensy weensy spider. i then washed my hands, ate my lunch, and jumped in the subaru and off i went, mud and all, to a cse meeting. it was great to represent our program in a real way. 
the fiddleheads have grown and are over 18 inches tall. the leaves are thick and odd.
this is a trillium, not the wake robin trillium, but a white one in my garden. we'll not discuss how it arrived... i have a tendency to find wildflowers and bring them home, fortunately i have 60 acres of woods where many wildflowers grow. 
i looked in the window, through the wet screen, and i spotted hannah, knitting away. in a couple of days she'll be on her way to bar harbor to earn some money working this summer. i'll miss her... way too much.


jude said...

i know that feeling. i was off to brooklyn to see my son's new place today. he made me dinner. now i am home and miss him already.

Velma said...

i always think it will be easier than it is.

Virginia said...

:( I'm going to miss Hannah, too, and I hardly ever got to actually work with her.

I'm worried about how difficult it will be when Molly is finally ready to leave the nest. Just having her go back to public school was a bit rough.

I think that must be the one drawback of being blessed with awesome kids - they grow up and get lives of their own.

neki desu said...

lovely photo of Hannah.
you say crazy spring, we're back to winter here. it's snowing again in the pyrenees, at 700mts alt.couple of towns are snowed in and i had to take out some sweaters and jackets.
the 60 acres sound like heaven on earth. i just learned that the density here is 15,600 and something x sq. kilometer. like calcutta but in much less space.no wonder people are so stressed out.

Velma said...

neki-i own 90 (60 in woods) and my sweetie has almost 300, all farmland leased out. we're rich in land here, poor in people. yesterday it was warm, today i need heat inside. wildly changing weather.

ginny-she'll be back in a couple of months. but the next couple of weeks will be weird.

Anonymous said...

having had both of my boys on ieps for many years, I can tell you that they are NOT always well written... I hope the parents involved appreciate your efforts.

Velma said...

dee-our professional team of three feel strongly that the iep be a clear representation of the kid and what s/he needs in the coming year.

Anonymous said...

bravo. and in addition, given that these are the team members teaching language skills (often), they ought to be without typos and misspellings! And, BTW, we have had many excellent supports and specialists over the years, too... one thinks one's child is NEVER going to learn to read... and lo and behold, with the right kind of intervention and constant support, they DO!!

Velma said...

that is wonderful! i love hearing this!!!

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