Tuesday, May 11, 2010

way more than ten

on monday we moved piglets. at bittersweet farm. brian handed j. the first two, and we were on our way. and so were the larger piggies from several litters. it's easiest to hold these guys by the hind leg(s). 
they seemed to like their new digs.

this student gets pigs. she's calm and easy with them. she has a real ease around a big mama like this girl (i've forgotten her name, maybe tiptoe?)
bittersweet farm is aptly named. a small, diversified organic farm run by ann and brian bennett is located on some heavy north country soil. i know, i've dug in clay to plant trees, and felt with my hands the soils improved by the bennetts. the students hear each time we visit what kind of day it is, monday was a leaf day, according to the biodynamic methods they adhere to.
after a morning of work we gather at the cabin for bag lunches.
the friends of bittersweet farm have been a big part of several initiatives here. st. lawrence university and clarkson university send teams of students for different projects, one was building the cabin in some woods on the farm. it's a favorite place to gather after working to eat and talk.
we don't have to enter the bus this way...i think we're loading/unloading something. 
brian and ann sent us home with a dozen eggs we collected, and two bags of spinach and one of arugula. we will eat some of this tomorrow.
one of the three greenhouses
                                           a day at bittersweet is always a good day.
yesterday. a day of working hard, of learning how to do a job well, and then home for yoga and then a walk with wendy. and someone left me a gift on the roadside. a day of praise. 


Dianne said...

Very lovely post. What lessons for these kids.

Velma said...

and for us adults!

jude said...

and a lovely gift.

neki desu said...

going back to basics. wish i could do it.

Virginia said...

I LOVE the first picture. It was not at all what I was expecting to see as your blog loaded so it set me off balance for a second or two and then I realized what he was holding and felt right at home. Piggies!

Dee / Cloth Company said...

nice slice of life... my favorite picture is of the variety of piggies all grouped together... it almost looks like a quilt, to my eye!

Danielle Barlow said...

Sounds like the best sort of way to spend a day :)

Velma said...

dee--what a fine thought, a piggie quilt. that's exactly what a diversified farm looks like! i have to admit i don't feel any special connection to pigs, but handling them was wonderful!

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