Monday, July 12, 2010

bar harbor/machias

by shear accident i was in bar harbor for the native american basket festival held at college of the atlantic, the school hannah graduated from last june. i find that using my camera in places that are more public is difficult. but these dancers were out there dancing beautifully, modern and traditional alike, some fully clothed in leather which on saturday must have felt like armor. humid. hot. ugh.
this is the work of barry dana, a master at drawing on the simple birchbark forms he creates. the bear basket was a marvel. i bought a tiny simple piece from barry's booth (no drawing) and three bunches of sweetgrass. the abbe museum sponsors this event and it is an important 
revenue producing event as it draws collectors of fine work. i found some amazing and innovative work that i failed to photograph.last year i bought a sweetgrass, ash, and cedar basket, the introduction of cedar being innovative and even a little startling.

on sunday i traveled from bar harbor to machis. it's blueberry season.
wild blueberries are in the north country, but they grow even more prolifically here.
some blueberries...
are quite large.


  1. yay! i LOVE what you are encountering on the journey.

  2. Blueberry of my favorites!

    The birchbark baskets are lovely - especially the bears.

  3. Those baskets are beautiful.

  4. Good job documenting these big roadside blueberries, it's a wonderful set. I especially like the waving figure with plaid shirt, and the Pie in the sky blueberry. Good for you getting out on the road!

  5. Beautiful birchbark baskets! My sister lives near Deer Isle, also off Penobscot Bay, and of the many times I've visited her, my favorite time (other than blueberry season) is October when the blueberry leaves turn brilliant red against the gray granite hills. I wonder how those leaves would do in the bundle using India Flint's process.....

  6. hah! i plan to try this fall since we have lots in the north country, too.

    they served us blueberry, or rather blue jello for dessert the other day--

  7. Maine blueberries, oh yum! I studied weaving in Maine and your photos bring back memories galore.

  8. Hilarious! In Georgia, it's gigantic peaches.


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