Saturday, July 10, 2010

basement life

the road trip from the north country of new york to down east maine is...10 plus hours, anyway.
when staying with my nephew i sleep in the basement. if it was MY basement you would consider it torture to make anyone stay more than a brief minute there. but this one is organized and tidy, with "stations", laundry, wood carving, movie, outdoor gear all organized.
lake champlain at rouse's point
the northeast kingdom is fascinating. every time i drive through i think i'll just wing it. i always get lost, almost quebec this time. 
this looks like home, only they would be hardwood not softwood--this is heading to a paper mill. new hampshire.
spavin cure. just in case. you never know.
car photos are particularly bad. really. but it's kind of fun to drive and take pictures at the same time. 
and my first view of the atlantic. bar harbor. sanctuary. basement. and a good sleep.


jude said...

traveling. i like it.

aimee said...

i'm always amazed by those who can drive and shoot and not crash the car! yr pics are great, as always. i'm so glad you made it that far in one shot and got some sleep!!

Velma said...

i didn't crash but at a stop light i came close to creeping up someone's bumper.

the digital is easy to point and shoot. kinda fun.

Dianne said...

Lovely photos... looks like a good trip.

Deb G said...

Someday I want to visit Maine...a lot of my family was from that area and still some distant relatives. It's fun to see your photos and dream a bit...

Velma said...

bar harbor is less horribly congested than last year. it's hard on the merchants, but easier on me.

layers said...

traveling and taking digitals and posting them-- how much things have changed from the past years when we took are old cameras along and had to wait get the pictures developed-- how life has changed-- looks like you are having a good trip through your images.

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