Monday, July 5, 2010

redefining hot, with breeze

it's hot. i have so many ideas running around like squirrels, and yet it's hot. hot squirrels. warm rodents! i will crash soon. this is the table AFTER cleaning up. it's not even the work table, it's my dining table. at breakfast!
these are my yellow shorts. they will retire soon, and become paper or an ecoprint, i have found this cotton twill made by gramicci (shameless promotion--but they're so comfortable) to totally suit me. funny that i should wear climbing pants and shorts so much of the time, i'm not a climber. the crotch gusset and the adjustable waist are the secret formula, i think.
some silk scarves that i've printed. i've had a blast using up, experimenting, playing.
bergamot is out, also called bee balm. i love this stuff. it's just starting...
looks edible. 
also working on book stuff, but too hot to take pics. time for an afternoon rest. i didn't know today was a day "off" so happy fourth. on the fifth. four days till i leave for maine.

i won, i won, i won! jen at red pumpkin studio blog pulled my name out of the hat for a prize. i will show you when it arrives. her mark making is awesome.

i keep editing this and adding: if you are an indigo lover, you know jenny balfour-paul's book, here's an article about where her research is taking her:


Lisa said...

your silk fabrics look delicious...
I've bought gramicci men's shorts for my hubby for years..comfort extraordinaire...

Velma said...

apparently some comments are not appearing. it's happened before. if you have trouble, let me know--i will report to blogger.

Velma said...


bwilliams said...

Isn't it a shame that just when your favorite clothes get to the point where they couldn't feel any better, they wear out. I have often wished I could buy clothes off the rack that were already broken-in, especially shoes! I enjoy shopping at thrift and consignment stores for this very reason (although I don't buy shoes there). There is something special about textiles that have been lived with/in for a while...the patina changes and mellows. I also really enjoy bee balm. The plant in the background are a bit blurry, but it appears to be scaevola (sp?), fan flower. Hummingbirds love both of these blossoms; do you have a lot of little them visit?

Velma said...

lisa, have you tried the women's gramiccis?

and, except for the store small, i like new clothes. i like them growing old with me. i hate loosing some of them when it's time. and for me, they're new, whether or not they're thrift store finds--ts has a smell i also have to get rid of.

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