Wednesday, July 21, 2010

why aren't i sleeping?

our work stations/benches on the last day were a tad out of control. as we madly tried to pull together our pieces, there was a quietly desperate rush to complete what ever we could. i made a bunch of samples, and really focused on the last binding melissa taught. it's a checkerboard spine and looks much like pattern weaving.
around three, about a half hour before scheduled clean-up, one over eager student kicked into  clean up gear, but we held out at our benches and i soldiered on to finish the model. we tidied that studio, eventually meeting for supper. where we were entertained:
i'm not sure, but it looked like this ukelele band had WAY too much fun. the guy with the horn, whose name escapes me, teaches here and was a crane school of music student back in the day. 
one of many pieces...shows itself just as well upsidedown. margaret's first coptic binding. and below, lisa's little books with leather and textiles.
as i sit here, hair dripping and sleep deprived resulting from a couple of blue moons at the thirsty moose last night, i know how special this group of book arts practitioners is indeed. to have come here, focused totally and encouraged by wonderful teachers has been a huge blessing for me. it will take time for me to process this, but i do know this: already i am receiving ideas, new ways to put my work into book format which for some reason is what moves me deeply. 

a crow is making itself known out my window, i am sleepy again after a short night, and will leave this afternoon, after the famous pbi auction, but before the banquet. tomorrow i will be home again, then off for a bit, then home for good.  


Cathy Cullis said...

thank you for sharing this.... I do like the look of all the book artwork, so tactile....I hope you have slept well now....

Velma said...

i hope to post some more book pics and my models when i have the energy.

aimee said...

you did it!!! YAY!!

jude said...

a good kind of tired.

Lindy said...

It all looks and sounds fascinating. I don't understand much of what you are doing there but I am interested and will continue to return and perhaps, one day, the light bulb will glow brightly.

I am a knitter and a quilter though I have not made a quilt in years. I hope to learn to spin and to weave much better than I do now. I love paper and books and words. . . and fiber and fabric. Creativity :-D

Lindy in AZ (Sonoran Desert - it's HOT:) (but it's nice in the house:)

neki desu said...

healthy tiredness YAY :)

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