Tuesday, July 6, 2010


bloodroot and maple on lokta


Lisa said...

che bello!

Kit said...

That is beautiful. There is nothing as rich as natural plant dyes, I am convinced. The JPP items you shared on your last post are also gorgeous. My favorite art supply store in St. Paul carries some of their handmade kozo -- such a strong and receptive surface. Have you ever made paper from milkweed pods? Maple seeds? Now that I've conquered the comment problems (i think it was Firefox) I won't be able to restrain myself here! Your work is gorgeous. Perhaps you could consider teaching a class at the textile center of minnesota where we have a VERY active weaving guild! And many lovely urban yet wild places to wander and gather....

Velma said...

thanks lisa, and welcome kit! i have made paper from milkweed bast fiber, field retted, several times. this summer i plan to make some from freshly gathered stalks. i have also spun the fiber for cordage and the floss in a fine yarn! i am totally UP for teaching for your guild, but it would be expensive just to get me there! send me an email-

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