Thursday, July 8, 2010


ecoprint on sugar maple--bloodroot
from john cutrone: All this month, the good folks at Convivio Bookworks will donate $1.00 to JCBA's Hand Papermaking Studio Project for each person who goes to the Convivio Bookworks Facebook page and clicks "I LIKE." Up to $500. How simple is that? that link not work for you, go to and search "Convivio Bookworks." JCBA is looking to raise $30,000 this year to open our hand papermaking studio.
dyed scrunchies i will have for sale soon
the amazing aimee lee is in residency at the morgan conservatory where she is setting up the korean papermaking facility. she is building the vat with advice from michael bixler (who built the vat lynne amlie used at the matter and spirit conference at wells college. the morgan is in cleveland and has incredible energy. looks like a good place to learn paper and book arts.
i always think they look edible, johnny jump up, bloodroot dyes
i am trying to brave the heat and get ready for my trip to maine and p.b.i. this summer is proving rich beyond my wildest dreams. i have met internet friends, have gotten some work "out there", have had the honor of sharing in the healing work of wendy golden-levitt, and now going to maine first to bar harbor to see hannah and my nephew's lovely family then to machias. i come home to my sister's memorial service then back to wake robin. phew!
 the start of another idea-silver coated copper by jody horwitz
so we will see how this (still) hot HOT, humid weather affects me as i pack for p.b.i. what will i forget? i am taking along some ecoprints for melissa's class

and check out these women outsider artists over at the hermitage.

i want to mention that since i started blogging i have had two hateful posts, both by "anonymous". one i eliminated. the second i responded to and left it up. you may want to see for yourself. diamonds and rust. to assume that someone has only one dimensional thinking is foolish. art is the place to present ideas, dammit.


jude said...

much cooler today, and catching up.... aren't these nasty comments amazing? I should leave them too. I loved your answer... and i see you have now mastered the "link" thing!

Velma said...

hip hip hurrah. now if i can only figure out hoe to make this thing look better! still morbidly hot here. i feel bloated. wendy is panting.

iNdi@ said...

i'd click the button and help the cause - but for the fact that i retreated from facebook after it became overwhelming [which didn't take long]
it was lovely that you came all the way to Toronto so we could meet.
we've gone west now and shall be pootling down the coast sniffing the ocean breezes...

Bonnie K said...

I too would click to help the cause, but I have stayed-my-ground and refused to get on board with facebook.

Love those scrunchies - yummy colors!

Re: the nasty is sad that there are people in this world who cannot hold their own opinion and allow others to hold a different opinion. Life is viewed from a lense with many different angles, not just one. A friend of mine has a saying, "we can disagree without being disagreeable".

Velma said...

hmmm... facebook is something i don't think much about, but as usual i joined but am not active!!! story of my life.

Valerianna said...

Yikes... read that comment. A lot of this thinking is presented in the book, "Prodigal Summer", but Kingsolver, with the actual numbers about coyotes and foxes killing livestock. It usually doesn't do a ton of damage to the ranchers.

I haven't yet received a nasty comment... I hope I don't, but, probably will.

The heat seems to have broken a bit here this evening. I'm a little more clear-headed now... sounds like a lovely trip to Maine.

nandas said...

i wish people could just be civil with their opinions... a rancher, no doubt, but who will be convinced by these vitriolic words?
love your blog... i come here regularly but usually don't comment. couldn't let this go by without offering my support.

neki desu said...

your scrunchies are lovely. and is that wire knitting?
have fun with paper works and stay cool.
notice i'm ignoring ignorance :)

Velma said...

neki-yes, jody knitted that and will be making some book covers for me.

opinions are just that. my photo piece was not about varmints. it was to do with the blatant display of one man's greed. interestingly, the hunter who took these animals is not a farmer, lives in dairy country. he has been in jail for misbehaving publicly. which is what this looks like to me.

and, interestingly, most of the carcasses coyotes eat here are dead cows and calfs that farmers drag out back for them to consume. small livestock is a different matter, that's why guard animals (dogs and llamas) are so helpful. i know--i've raised sheep and goats and welcomed coyotes on my land as well.

Lindy said...

Went back and read the comments for "Diamonds and Rust". Anonymous, while having the right to his opinion will never make his point as people tend to turn their hearing off and become defensive at such an onslaught. As nandas stated in her comment, who will be convinced by these vitriolic words".

On a happier note - I love visiting "wake robin". I love the colors, I love your art, and I thoroughly enjoy reading your adventures. You are an inspiration to motivate me to at least try a few of these things.

Unfortunately there will always be people who hate wildlife though I have no concept as to how this can be. There will also always be people who act like bullies while disagreeing - at least you can delete him/her (the message I mean:) and move on. :-D

Lindy - 112 degrees in the Sonoran Desert where the wildlife is loving the water and shade oasis in our backyard. I'm going to post the pics. of our local Kit fox family this afternoon :-D

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