Friday, July 2, 2010

out of time

i spent about 24 hours in toronto. in that time i was mightily changed. it was time out of mind.
brockville via rail
i traveled by train from brockville (about 50 minutes from my farm) to toronto and wendy, who was my host. i met  andrew and jack who took the place of wendy the border collie for a bit.
there was a message for me here
i spent time in her studio, had wild taxi rides complete with one magic voodoo visa machine,  ate lovely lunch on the sidewalk, visited the japanese paper place, touched(!!!) the exquisite shifu of hiroko karuno, met sigrid, and clarissa, and violet, and india. 
the japanese paper place and sigrid
holding a timothy ely book
holy cow!
india wearing india
me wearing india
wow. i can't begin to explain how i felt.
out the train window, almost to brockville
i loved riding the train, except for the cat piss stinky woman, and the grubby guy wearing a roy jersey who seemed to be permeated in cigarette stench. he seemed so lost. he only sat next to me for a while. on a train you are free to draw and write and do things and you have a BIG window to look out. i looked. a lot. at lake ontario, two harriers hunting, mallards feeding, cows, haymaking. and then i came home.
there was a one hour wait on the ogdensburg bridge. it is a mile long. it sways. 


Valerianna said...

Magical journey! I love the photo of you wearing india... beautiful work! The swaying bridge sounded a bit scary.... I wonder what a magic voodoo visa machine does!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

~24 hours~
a seperate reality
i would give a lot for that

Velma said...

time out of mind. that's what it was. i could have just listened to violet and wendy and clarissa and india for a long time. beautiful, creative women.

Bonnie K said...

Riding trains takes one into a different element of time. I love trains...and the route you took is a beauty. I remember the O-bridge. Fortunately, when I lived up that way the traffic wasn't that bad.

You look marvelous wearing india. Oh my, I wish I could have gotten up to Toronto for the lecture. Now that I live on the western end of the state, Toronto is only 2 hours away (by train or car).

violette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iNdi@ said...

for a moment there i thought the 'holy cow'
bit referred to me


iNdi@ said...

ps...there wasn't a comment from Violette, it was me inadvertently in her google account

Dianne said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip... except for the cat pissy woman and cigarette man!

aimee said...


Velma said...

violet is violette. lovely!
cat piss was gross, but of shorter duration than the cigarette guy.
neither of them problematic, but make good travel stories.
aimee--you would LOVE the japanese paper place.
iNdi@ (i like this spelling) moo right back!

Joei Rhode Island said...

What a great travelog. We flew to Tennessee to visit with iNdi@ ... not near as nice as a train trip....but she made it worthwhile.

Deb G said...

Train rides allow time for transformation I think...this sounds like such a wonderful experience. :)

ger said...

Ahh, this brought travel air (plus some stench, well...) into my chamber (which I leave less than usual, having troubles with the heat, so it was even more appreciated...) I´ve often found short journeys more beneficial + transforming than extended ones...

Velma said...

i live where cars reign. no people trains in the entire north country.

Anonymous said...

are we talking the wendy? i've been out of town and obviously missed some things. was this a workshop? looks like it was quite a visit!

Velma said...

oh, man.......

ArtPropelled said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure and how lucky to meet India and wear one of her creations.

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