Wednesday, July 28, 2010


milkweed after the monarch flew
so today i am waiting for a plumber who was briefly here and now again and longly gone. i experienced a violent allergic reaction around noon, my throat was instantly sore, nose running, took a benadryl type med from the cupboard and it's all calmed down, but the throat feels odd, voice is weird. ian called and said, do you think it could be stress, mom? you've been very busy. yes, i think he's right. 
i am tired. still. the weather is winding up into a storm. the trees dance. the breeze erratic, gusty. i have friends to contact, commitments to follow up on. my body wants to rest. 
this is what i need to be contemplating for a bit. not this. yikes. i am chair. i need to be snow.


Valerianna said...

Intense... I, too have been experience weird allergy things this summer.. I am allergic to mold and there's been a really high mold spore count in air around here for several days. I've been taking elderberry elixirs and have found GREAT relief. High doses seemed to help me get over most of the symptoms in a couple of days.

We're not too, too far away, wonder if the mold air is around you, too?

Good luck and feel better....

Velma said...

plenty of mold, but this was something new. instantaneous. too many cherries?

Bonnie K said...

Ahhh - how wise our children are. Sounds like you need some rest. Stress is very unpredictable. One never knows how it will manifest. Last fall, having been under tremendous stress for weeks (if not months), I came down with shingles. Not fun...but I learned an important lesson (once again): "listen to your body".

jude said...

oh. rest and reset. allergies here too yesterday. both of us. weird weather. couldn't sleep either.

Velma said...

better day tomorrow, right?

Are you curious about me? said...

I've been bitten to bits, itchy and swollen, nettle tea, was my perscription....I am lucky enough to live near a herbalist/healer who say's that all the alergy antidotes we need grow around us... just finding which one is my problem

*The nettle tea worked.

May be we should listen to our children, sometimes they are they have the wisdom and sight to see what is needed, hope you feel brighter and better soon.

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