Sunday, February 27, 2011

green chair

my parents were rich in daughters. 
there are five of us, two have died, and never any sons. 
i am the baby, by over a decade. 
my mom called me bonus, but i know i was, shall we say, surprise.
one of my sisters moved to the north country several years ago, after staying "home" a long time, then living out west for a short time, she settled here. 
and friday we had tea in her fine new apartment, and she gave me these little treasures.
these please me, most especially the chair. 
thanks, claudia.


  1. my mom had ones like that. did your sister make them? wonderful treasures.

  2. nope, she is a great shopper and "found" them.

  3. Wow, a sister here in the North Country??? I only have one sister (out of 4) who will even visit up here! and you certainly are a bonus to us, Velma!!!

  4. You are most welcome, indeed.
    When I saw them at a yard sale not very far from your house, they begged to be saved from a dire demise and were so happy that I knew you would love them.
    Enjoy today and when the youth are difficult, visualize yourself sitting in the 'green chair' with the dog licking your toes and the kitty purring.
    Much love,

  5. yes, cait and she's "talking"!

    claudia, i WILL "sit" in my green chair. i may threaten the hooligans that i will never move form it. grin.

  6. What thoughtful treasures and I love your sisters comment and the little story that goes with them....they too are story cloths.

    Jacky xox

  7. stories are stitches that seam us together

  8. yep. couldn't help but think of my mom and her sisters.


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